Mark, about your site

There are many strong opinions about what a photography Web site should look like and how it should be built. I listened to all of them and then came up the best set of features for me.

But Mark, you used Flash – isn’t Flash supposed to be really bad because the iPhone doesn’t support it?

If I were worried about gallery owners scanning portfolios on their iPhone I would be, but they don’t. The iPad isn’t in mass use yet. My images are best viewed large and this method allows me to display them that way. When HTML 5 tools get more mature, I’m sure I’ll look into that technology, but for now, this will work.

But Mark, aren’t Flash Web sites bad for SEO?

Not as much if they have an HTML mirror site plus a number of other advanced features to get Bing and Google to recognize it. Mine does. Plus I have no expectations that people will type in “photographer” and see me at the top of the listings. I’m using this as a portfolio site and I’ll be pointing people directly to it.

But Mark, aren’t you supposed to have only one style of photo on your site?

Perhaps. But this is who I am, and the site reflects that. I manage Web sites for a living, and have for more than 10 years. The one thing I’ve learned is that sites need to grow and adapt constantly – I’m sure this one will too.

But Mark, why don’t you have purchasing enabled on the site?

Because my prints vary. I don’t do normal “Hit ‘Buy print’ and it gets sent to Mpix” or some other digital printer. My prints are either hand-printed in a darkroom or at a high-end custom printer. That’s the only way I can ensure consistent high quality.

But Mark, why did you take down your site a while ago, and why did it take so long to get it back up? (no jokes please)

I was speaking with my mentor David duChemin about the direction I wanted to take my photography, and it was much more in the “art images” direction rather than straight travel photography. In his book, Visionmongers, he talks about “taking down the store front” if you need to reinvent yourself, so that’s what I did. I took me a long time to have an image set that I was happy with sharing, hence the delay in getting the site back up.

By the way, I’m lucky to have two mentors – David duChemin, plus fine art photographer Ian Whitehead. Ian has given me some fantastic advice through this as well. I’m indebted to them both.

I hope that explains some of my thinking behind the redesign. Thank you for all of your patience while I re-architected it from the ground up.





  1. Very clean look to your blog. Your portfolio site looks very nice, but I don’t agree with the flash thing. You are right that the browser market for the iPhone and the iPad is small, but I think that they are tools that many photographers will have. I think avoiding flash is a good idea if you can. I check out a lot of photography via my iPhone (the best browser is the one you have with you 😉 during the day. At least don’t put up single images via flash like Moose Peterson. It drives me crazy when I go to look at an image of his after seeing a tweet or something. Welcome to WordPress. Take care.

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