Need your help: Stereotypes

Hi everyone,

Not your typical blog post this week.  I need your help.

I’m thinking about a new project based on photographic stereotypes.  You know the ones I’m talking about – things like:

  • Sunsets from beach
  • Lone tree
  • Streaky highway lights
  • Etc

In other words, things that have been photographed a million times before.

In the comments, I’d appreciate if you could list as many as you can think of.





  1. toddlers kissing
    couples with head bowed towards each other
    city skylines
    snow covered forest
    friends/self standing in front of a landmark
    old people in traditional clothing
    sad looking children with insects on their face
    nudes with strategically placed hair, flowers, etc.

  2. Bee on flower
    mountain reflected in lake.
    part of a rowboat reflected in water
    old wooden doors in bright stucco walls
    old bicycle against fence or wall
    tumbledown barns
    glass tower skyscraper against sky
    silhouettes of couple holding hands
    kids opening presents
    old hands

  3. * Slot canyons
    * Rusty old truck in a field
    * Sears/Church directory portraits
    * Photographer self-portrait in a shiny sphere, like a Christmas ornament or a gazing ball in a garden
    * Photographer “self-portrait” via photographer’s shadow cast by early morning or late afternoon sun
    * Rocks at the coast in glassy water / mist from long exposure (I rather like these photos, but they are a stereotype)

  4. Wow, lots of great suggestions here. Of course, I am guilty of shooting the “cliches” as much as the next guy/gal. I think we do because not only are we drawn to them but also because the audience is drawn to them, as well. If memory serves me correctly, flowers are the most “interesting” on Flickr.

    I have been known to shoot a few cliches such as:

    Old rusty truck
    Cup of coffee

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