He carefully picked his cast of clouds


He carefully picked his cast of clouds, watched them intently as they swirled in before the lens and hoped the sun would break in concert. – H. E. Clark 

No insightful tome today, I’m afraid.  I just wanted to share a photo taken yesterday.

We’ve been having some abnormally rainy weather here in Seattle.  I know, for those of you who don’t live here you’re probably asking yourself “Isn’t that normal?”.  We usually get drizzle – the stuff we’ve had the past few days has been real rain.

I had made plans to go see my friend and fellow photographer Ray Ketcham over in Port Townsend (and there were rumors that Sabrina Henry might be coming to join us for dinner).  But then Sabrina wasn’t feeling well and the weather was horrible on Friday, so we figured we’d cancel.  Saturday morning though, the weather lifted a bit and we had a window of about 6 hours with some blue sky periods and  lots of interesting clouds, so Ray and I decided to meet anyway.

He lives near Port Townsend, which is a very cool somewhat hippy-ish town over on the Olympic Peninsula (okay, not somewhat hippy-ish, a lot hippy-ish, which I love).  Lots of art galleries, funky book stores, coffee shops, etc.  I hadn’t been over there in probably 20 years and it was great to go back.  Besides, I love taking the ferries here on Puget Sound.  As a kid from Toledo Ohio, I get a big grin on my face with every sailing – it’s just so unlike what I grew up with.

We strolled through the town, visiting galleries (which were surprisingly good for the most part), talking art & photography and shooting when we felt like it.  I still haven’t developed the Holga film that I shot, but it’s likely not great art.  Nevertheless, it was a great day just to enjoy the break in the weather, create a memory and enjoy the company of a friend. 

That’s what life is all about.





  1. Well, at least you guys didn’t get into any trouble. “Oh, man,” (hippy slang) that’s one of the cool things about blogging, we do get to me each other once in a while.

    I made a visit up to Port Townsend back in 2003 and loved it. Actually the whole area around the sound was enjoyable for me. I was on a road trip and followed 101 down the coast. I did not spend any time Sequim and Port Angles, so maybe next time.

  2. Look at all the different boats!

    ” I get a big grin on my face with every sailing – it’s just so unlike what I grew up with.”

    I identify with this completely. Port Townsend sounds like a wonderful place. A must on the list whenever I next visit Seattle!

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