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Basilique Notre Dame de Montreal


 A quick post this week.  Holga Direct, based out of Hong Kong, was kind enough to interview me for their site.  The owner, Rick, is a great guy to work with and they have a very cool selection of Holga cameras plus all the accessories that can be tough to find.

They also have Holga lenses that mount on your Canon or Nikon so you can play with that wonderful plastic lens on your digital (or film) camera.

As a special gift, you can win one of my prints of “Epiphany” worth $500 USD by following the instructions in the interview.

Epiphany was fun to shoot.  The photo is of basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal and is one of the rare shots that turned out exactly the way I had visualized it.  I knew that I wanted the sun flare and the top central statue to be highlighted, so I positioned myself and the camera so that the sun was just barely peeking over the top of the cathedral.  I took 3 shots, trying to get the position just right to get a nice flare off the plastic lens.  It’s also proof that you can take good photos even in the middle of the day – no golden hour needed.  Tip:  If you’re trying for the sun flare rings that you see in some of my photos, I definitely recommend getting the plastic lens version of the Holga.  It flares much nicer than the glass lens version in my opinion.  This was taken with a Holga 120N, which you can find in the Holga Direct shop.

To read the interview and see how to win a print of Epiphany, click here.



Note:  Print size is 12”x12”



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