Enter: A great photo book for a great cause

Call for Entries: Toy Camera Photographers for Tots

Here’s a chance to be in a great photo book for a great cause:

My buddy Bill Wolff, one of the owners of Composing with Images Press (a not for profit publisher), is putting together a photo book to support Toys for Tots.  ALL the proceeds will go to help children in the areas of the U.S. recently devastated by tornadoes.

The theme of the book will be “Play”, but that’s very broadly interpreted, so see some of the examples on the site.  The contest is open to all photographers who use Toy Cameras (see how they define it on their site).

Here is more about it in his words:

“CWiP is seeking images that explore, complicate, and represent in compelling ways the concept of Play.  These might include, but are certainly not limited to, photographs that deal with imaginary play, word play, adult play, children’s play, animal play, games, or the various kinds of materials and/or spaces associated with play. Similarly, photographs might represent play from the perspective of a child’s imagination, or from a toy’s perspective, or they might take up questions about what it means to play or explore the matter of who is allowed (or disallowed) to play. These are, of course, just suggestions for representing play. However you interpret the theme Play through your viewfinder is what we are looking for!

This call is open to amateur and professional photographers worldwide working with toy, lo-tech, homemade, or modified analog cameras.

Note:  Though the book is going to benefit children in the areas ravaged by the tornadoes, we are specifically not seeking images of the tornado destruction. Again, we are looking for photographs that explore in compelling ways the concept of Play.”

CWIP did a similar book to help people affected by the disasters on the Gulf Coast and it was a big hit which helped many people.

It’s such a great cause, so please enter.  You’ll not only get some great visibility but you’ll help keep the childhood in the child.

See all the details and enter here.





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