New Photo Series: Ghosts of Myanmar

I’m excited to share my latest photo series – Ghosts of Myanmar.

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has a rich, sad and spectacular history filled with art, conquest, war, reverence and resilience.  Throughout my travel there I found people who were immensely proud of their country, and are excited about its future.  They also have a deep connection to the past, most visibly through the thousands of temples in every part of the country.

Many temples are still the center of village or city life, while others are ghostly decaying reminders of the past. These ghosts have been witness to countless prayers, wars and natural disasters, yet still retain their beauty and majesty.

This series is an attempt to capture that decaying beauty.

Click here to view the photo series




  1. Mark, these are wonderful. Very ethereal, like the memory of a forgotten place in another time. How do some of your images have an almost negative feel though, e.g. 9 of 12? Post processing or the film?

  2. Wow! This is magical! I felt like I just arrived to Bagan and touring around the temple ruins..although I live 430 miles far from there 😀 Well done, Mr..

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